Alguer - Única Ciudad del Catalán en Cerdeña

Alguer - Alghero is a charming town on the Sea in the north-west coast of Sardinia and is one of the few fortified cities of Italy which has managed to keep intact as much as 70% of the old walls with adjoining towers. The ramparts, dating back to the Catalan-Aragon were recently enhanced by a Carthusian restoration, offering the many visitors who annually visit the city, a wonderful walk on the sea that surrounds the entire city.

Alghero has a very natural landscape ranging from white sandy beaches with sand from the cliffs or flat stones that are very rugged.

But its peculiarity and beauty is the significant presence along the coast of vegetation, the typical Mediterranean scrub and the presence of many pine trees that often frame the beaches and thus making it true paradise.

But the breathtaking view of Alghero is undoubtedly the area promontory of Capo Caccia with Island Plains and the Gulf of Porto Conte, real symbols of Alghero recently become the Marine Protected Area Capo Caccia - Island Piana.

Thanks to its unique geological origin of the karst area is full of caves and gorges, yet largely unexplored. Of great importance to the famous Cave of Neptune, accessible both by sea and by land ( the famous “Escala Cabirol” the scale of deer, of 658 steps), which it offers a magnificent panorama of salt and pools, such as Giant pool, with stalactites and stalagmites of many forms including the well-known "body".

In this area, for lovers of snorkelling, there are points which are appreciated as Cala Dragunara, Punta Giglio, the two caves Foradada and the island of Porto Conte, the largest natural harbour in the Mediterranean where you can still see some sample Nacchera (Pinnanobilis).

There are also numerous opportunities for all divers and diving enthusiasts: to visit is undoubtedly the well-known Nereo Cave (about 18 meters in depth) that offers, in its tunnels that create a real maze, the vision of samples of coral, lobster, moray eel and an incredible variety of marine fauna and flora. Noteworthy also is the Cave of Falco and Punta Giglio, the Cave of the submarine or the Madonna and the Portico of Punta Semaforo.

Another protected area of particular importance, for those who are fond of trekking, is the Ark of Noah in the area Tramariglio here still nest on the cliffs Griffon and other protected birds such as Peregrine Falcon, kestrel, and the Cormorant, Gull Corse.

Also you can see examples of Partridge, Deer, Pony of Giara and Boar, as well as numerous plant species are protected, such as Centaurea horrida.

In the nearby hamlet of Fertilia, is the pond of brackish water of the Catalan language, with the ruins of the Roman bridge and Lake Baratz, the only freshwater lake nature of Sardinia, surrounded by an extraordinary forest of pine.